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Science - What is it ?

  The study of this universe, world, humans, plants, animals, etc. everything that we see anywhere and are getting to know what they are now, how they are, what they were in past & what they will be in the future is called Science.

Science - Where it is used ?

Science is used everywhere. Some common uses of Science are -

  1. In the computers or mobiles that we use.
  2. In the display devices eg. LED's, Monitors, TV's, etc.
  3. In vehicles on which we travel on eg. Bike, Car, etc.
  4. While surfing the Internet.
  5. In Loudspeakers & Microphones.
  6. For Space Research.
  7. For exploring animals & their bodies.
  8. For making chemical compounds like Washing Soda, Bleaching Powder, Plaster of Paris (POP), etc.
  9. For White Washing the walls.
  10. For preparing medicines to treat diseases.
  11. For making artificial organs.

The Three Branches of Science -

 There are in total three branches of Science namely -

  1. Physics
  2. Chemistry
  3. Biology

Physics - Largest Branch of Science

  Physics is the largest branch of Science. Do you know? It deals with the following fields - Astronomy, Space, Galaxy, This Universe, Force, Speed, Velocity, Direction, Magnitude, Quantity, Electricity, Electronics, Conductors & Semi-Conductors, Fuels or Sources of Energy, Inertia of Motion & Inertia of Rest, Optical, Magnetism, Electrical Motors & Electrical Generators, Charges, Electromagnetic Waves, And many more...

Chemistry - Chemicals in Science

  Chemistry is very important in Science. It teaches us about Chemicals, Acids, Bases, Salts, Different types of Reactions, Atoms, Atomic Mass & Numbers. The important part of Chemistry is the Periodic Table which contains all the elements information, their Atomic Mass, Atomic number, no. of Electrons, number of Protons, number of Neutrons, etc. Really Chemistry is very interesting, if you have interest in it. All the Solid, Liquids & Gases are studied in Chemistry. So Learn Chemistry.

Biology - Studying Living Things Science

  Biology gives us knowledge about all the living things in this Universe. Biology contains the study of all living things including Humans, Plants, Micro-organisms, Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, etc. It is also study of Life Processes in living organisms like Breathing, Excreting, Digestion, etc. Biology is very complex at higher levels. It also deals with Nutrition in Plants & Humans and at very small levels like Tissues, Cells further more parts of Cells. Yeah! Seems interesting, Go and Study Biology Now.

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